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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Soul Connections - Part 2

While talking to a close friend last night I realized that there is a part 2 to my earlier email about Soul Connections – (thank you my friend -  for inspiring me to delve into this topic a little bit deeper)

Soul Connections Part 2

Very few people have the privilege and honor to have a deep soul connection to another the way I described earlier; but those who do know exactly what a profound feeling of trust, love and belonging emerges from it.
Those very special friendships that we have need to be cherished, nourished and celebrated even if we do not live close, see each other on a regular basis or even talk for years in some instances. I KNOW that some of these very sacred connections in my life will be there forever and the moment we do reconnect we pick up exactly where we left off days, weeks, months or in some cases many years ago -  it is as if we just had spent time together yesterday. There is a deep knowing, understanding and yes, a  “soul connection” that make this possible. I believe that some of us are connected on/at  a different level of frequencies where time and space don’t exist, where we realize that all there is is the present moment that is to be lived, loved and utilized to its highest and best ability.  SSP